Wednesday, November 7, 2012


UGH. Blog. Wha cain't I quit yew?

I mean I do quit this blog. On the reg. But every time I come here thinking to delete it, I think maybe I'll give it another shot. A year ago (or longer, really) I thought it seemed like a good way to document the goings-on with my move and my new start out here, but that lasted about a month. Honestly I wish I would have written (...typed) more things down as last year proved to be one for the books. It was a huge year of travel - London, multiple trips to Austin, Dallas, and Houston, Italy, France, Croatia, Napa Valley, San Francisco, New York. I watched my dad become sicker than I ever want to see him get, only to re-emerge back to his normal life within one year. I got ENGAGED to my best friend in the presence of my sweet family.

I mean really. You'd think I would want to write down some of these things.

But I'm not here to re-cap the entire past year and a half. That's a big task. I'm not here for any reason really, except to say hi, does anyone still read this? Lora, I'm lookin' at you! I like the idea of blogs. I love to read them - friends' blogs, recipe blogs, lifestyle blogs... I'm convinced that if I had even this - much knowledge of htmlwhateverwhatever to make this shit look super awesome, I'd be more committed. It's also easy to just rely on Facebook (and Facebook photos) to tell your story of the day, but it is nice to have a real written memory of important (or insignificant!) days and how you felt at a moment in time. But then again, I kind of cringe when I read old posts. It's like hearing your own voice recorded - awful. Do I really sound like that? I was so deer-in-the-headlights nervous/excited about work when I started out here that it's painful to re-read. Now if I were to tell you about work I think I'd just be complaining, and no one likes a whiner. ;)

Just kidding. Mostly. There are tons of things I like about my job, but no job is perfect.

So with that, I'm never going to be the next Pioneer Woman (who sucks on TV, can I just say? What a mistake), but maybe I'll try harder to write down a few things this year. Maybe. I guess I'll end this with a current event to "stamp" this post with something going on - Obama re-elected! People acting like the world will end! People who shout and cry and offend everyone around them to make their presidential vote known, and then will continue to do nothing to participate in local/state government on issues that they supposedly care about. Yawn. The president isn't the do-all end-all of the government people. Ever heard of congress? I digress.


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  1. I like the shout-out! Thanks to my Google Reader I caught this hot-off-the-keypad blog post! And I agree-- I don't like to read my old posts either because you nailed it on your head... it feels like you are listening to your recorded self. I don't really know why I blog? But I think when I write things down I remember them easier.